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Client Name ongoing - Jun 2011
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A great idea is nothing without a solid business plan behind it. Global Sporting Integration, LLC (GSI) knew that well when they contacted Choske Consulting to help turn their idea into a functional and growing business in a traditionally hard-to-enter market.

GSI was born from a shocking realization: despite spending millions of dollars in recruiting foreign talent from Asia to play in Major and Minor League Baseball, the teams were not doing anything to help ensure the players adapted to life in America. There were many stories of great prospects from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan who came to the United States and washed out shortly thereafter, either due to injuries or personal stress. These players, many of whom had never lived abroad and had limited English proficiency at best, were being asked to start a brand new life in a country with a vastly different language, culture, diet, playing and training styles. This in turn was costing franchises untold sums of money in lost production and marketing potential.

GSI formed on the mission of helping these players adapt, survive, and thrive in America and the American baseball leagues. They brought together a top-notch team of individuals with baseball knowledge, language and cultural transition experience, and dietary sciences to help Asian baseball players as they enter the American baseball system. However, they knew that they faced two major challenges: how to turn this service into a sustainable business and how to break into the sports world, which is notorious as one of the hardest industries to enter.

Choske Consulting went through a months-long consultation process with GSI’s principal to craft a business plan that clearly defined the market, the scope of service, and the scalability potential. We also helped identify unique value propositions that allow GSI to speak the language of business as well as baseball. We created promotional collateral, established a marketing plan and helped GSI attract angel funding.

GSI is now established and pursuing several new avenues of business. Choske Consulting is proud to be able to continue to work with GSI to provide business-critical consulting on social media, search engine marketing, and business development.

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