Choske Consulting, LLC was founded in October 2012 by Tom Choske.

Wait, that sounds pretty ‘corporate’. Let’s try that again.

After years of experience navigating the treacherous waters of the political and marketing world, Tom Choske had an idea. That idea was Choske Consulting, a company founded on the battle scars he acquired in his career that would work to help others avoid the same problems.

At Choske Consulting, our experience becomes your asset. We bring all we know to bear for you and your organization. Our range of experience encompasses marketing, campaigning, policy development, web development, paid search advertising, search engine optimization, and media relations.

Yes, that covers a wide range of diverse sectors, but these sectors may not be as diverse as they appear. Whether starting up a new business or campaigning for Congress, the fundamentals are all the same: financing, advertising, organization, data management, analysis, and execution. Ever heard the term ‘growth hacking’? It’s just jargon for focusing on the basics. We’re not about jargon here; we’re about facts and results.

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