Succeeding on Amazon has grown from a pure search optimization play into a pay-to-play environment. With the growth of resellers on the platform, getting your store and products noticed requires more than tight copy and image optimization and aggressive pricing: it requires marketing. Beyond the traditional channels, Amazon has opened up opportunities for retailers to advertise right within the Amazon environment, reaching customers searching and browsing products. Further, as Amazon has grown beyond retail into content, it has opened up new ways to reach prospects engaging in relevant content. Therefore, any successful Amazon ecommerce strategy must include Amazon advertising to maximize the platform’s potential.

However, Amazon’s advertising platforms are still in an early stage of development, and the variety of options can intimidate new advertisers. Choske Consulting has several years of experience launching brands on Amazon, building out successful Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) campaigns for Sponsored Product and Headline Search Ads. We offer clients the opportunity to explore all Amazon has to offer and provide an experienced hand to guide the setup and management.

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