Politics and football share one commonality: both are full-contact sports. In politics, just like football, you need to have the best players and the best training to win.

At Choske Consulting, our team has been in the trenches at every level of politics: local, state, and federal. We have years of training and real-world experience that we can bring to bear for you. We offer training to new candidates, consulting on campaign organization, stump speech formation and media/outreach strategy.

However, politics is more than just political parties contesting elections: politics is everyday life. The Choske Consulting team brings its skills to bear to help the private sector navigate the political world. Concerned about how new government policies may affect your business? Want to know the best way to get your needs heard? We’re able to put our connections to work for you. We also are able to consult on how your organization can be an active player in the debates of the day through political action committee (PAC) and Super PAC formation.

Contact us today to let us know how our political and campaign consulting can help you!