Social has morphed into a pay-to-play environment. The organic reach of a post on Facebook is roughly 2% of a page’s total audience; it’s approximately the same on Twitter. Even Instagram has seen a decrease in organic visibility with the introduction of algorithmic filtering in its feed. Therefore, any social strategy must include paid reach as its foundation, and targeting must lead content creation rather than the other way around.

The advanced targeting features of social media platforms give advertisers a plethora of ways to reach the most valuable prospects with the right messaging at the right time. The platforms have also grown in measurement, with new ways to measure performance based on a given goal (direct response, engagement, or branding). Choske Consulting combines years of experience and certifications in both Twitter and Facebook to offer clients a comprehensive and integrated planning, management, and measurement. This all encompassing approach is how we have been driving social marketing results for our clients for years.

At Choske Consulting, our experience becomes your asset. We bring all we know to bear for you and your organization. Our range of experience encompasses marketing, web development, paid search advertising, search engine optimization, and media relations.

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