A building is only as good as its foundation and the same is true for a business. Without a solid business plan and all that entails, even the greatest business idea is bound to fail.

Choske Consulting is here to be your partner in getting your business plan set for success. We serve as an experienced and impartial hearing board to identify hidden strengths and potential weaknesses so your plan is ready to impress potential funders. Our team knows what  investors want to see and hear. We also know that a complicated plan is a bad plan and that business plans are living documents that need flexibility to survive.

Even the best organized business needs customers and that means marketing. With years of experience in marketing consulting for businesses in a wide array of verticals, our team can work with you to craft the best marketing plan possible. We work to identify consumer needs, current opinions, competitive position, unique value propositions and the best mix of media to deliver  the message.

Contact us today to let us know how our business and marketing consulting services can help you!