VoiceGig: Analytics Setup

Client Name ongoing - Jun 2011
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How do I track users if I manage multiple websites?

That was the question posed by VoiceGig.co.uk to Choske Consulting. VoiceGig established a main brochure site with two separate ecommerce sites on different top-level domains. They were driving traffic from the main page to the individual ecommerce portals, but had no way to track how effective that was or if users were converting.

Choske Consulting helped the client unify tracking in once Analytics profile to provide a quick comprehensive overview of the entirety of the websites’ performance. We also ensured that Analytics’ ecommerce tracking was enabled across the different ecommerce platforms to provide the client with the dollars-and-cents (or, in this case, pounds-and-pence) data needed to make informed business decisions. We even engaged with the clients on their AdWords account, ensuring it was appropriately linked to Google Analytics and optimized for best-practices.

Our Analyics efforts paid off. We were able to establish targeted experiments that allowed the client to gather data on the performance of the various domains and assess whether or not they were a worthy investment. We found that paid search was not an effective channel for the client, saving him hundreds of pounds per month

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