AdWords Enhanced Campaigns And You

“The only two constants in the universe are death and taxes.” I don’t know who originally said that, but, had they been around today, they would’ve added a third to that list: Google pushing AdWords updates. Lately, the search mega-giant has been releasing new features and platform updates to its pay-per-click (PPC) management system at an unparalleled pace. With all that is changing, it is hard for many advertisers to keep up.

One of the biggest releases from Google in the past year is Enhanced Campaigns. By now, all campaigns are now “enhanced”, meaning that your mobile outreach is now merged with your traditional computer outreach: enhanced campaigns allow you to target your ads within your existing campaign structure to both mobile and desktop users, without the need to create separate adgroups or campaigns.

The chief question on many peoples’ minds is, “what do these Enhanced Campaigns mean for me and my business?” Depending on your business, target market, and means of conversion, it can mean nothing or a whole ton. If your primary form of conversion is offline and you target the business or enterprise sector (with the majority of your traffic from computers), you’ll be able to sit on the sidelines of this one. For ecommerce and local retail, this is a game-changer. With simpler campaign management, you can modify ad variations based on a user’s platform, such as telling mobile users to ‘call now’ and for desktop user to ‘sign up’. An ecommerce site can direct users to mobile-friendly product pages for the casual iPad shopper, while raising their bids for serious desktop shoppers. Local shops that offer online orders or delivery may encourage people to ‘order online’ from their desktop system, ‘call’ from their phone, or ‘stop by’ if they are within two miles.

If you have questions about how to leverage this new development for your business, you can check out all the blog posts, Help Center articles, and conflicting ‘best practice’ guides out there…or you could just give us a call!

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