Today, Google finally announced a way to upgrade your current Analytics accounts to the new Universal Analytics code without losing your historical data. Previously, users had to create a new Analytics profile in order to take advantage of the new tracking script. Today’s announcement created a path for people who didn’t want to create new profiles and lose their previous data with a way to now take advantage of the new tracking features and new code.

What is Universal Tracking? Google Analytics has always been a powerful platform for tracking online interactions, but has lacked in mobile and offline tracking. Universal Tracking seeks to bring your entire business into one, unified dashboard that can track users on your site, on your mobile app, and how they interact with you offline as well.

I’m sold-let’s go! Well, you may have to wait a bit: this new option is rolling out gradually. However, you’ll want to start to work with an experienced Google Analytics provider to ensure that your site and apps are ready for the new tracking code and that your current implementation is giving you data that you’ll be able to get value from in the future. The new script and system will allow you to have greater insight into how users are interacting with your business and Analytics will be able to easily expand along with your customer engagement efforts.

Got more questions? Callus! We’re happy to help. Feel free to pull up Google’s announcement ( and give us a call!

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